Combustion Turbine, Solid Fuel and BOP Controls Tuning

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Our engineers were a part of the combustion turbine rapid growth over the last ten years. We have gained experiences from GE and Siemens. This knowledge has been taken to another level to incorporate more closed loop control in order to eliminate seasonal tuning. Our solid fuel unit experience covers coal, biomass, MSW and RDF. We have worked on most combustion technologies as well. All of our controls personnel can tune the BOP of a plant to support the power island.


Where the Customer gets a Professional Service

Services Provided

Provide leads or technicians in the area of:

 Project Management

 DCS design and configuration




 Construction Management

 O&M Support

 O&M Procedure development

 Outage Support

 Troubleshooting Consulting


Field Services

We do all electrical testing services including but not limited to:

Transformers, Breakers, Switchgear, Load Testing, Thermal Imaging, Design, and engineering. NERC functional testing with recommendations.

Electrical Testing

Start up & Commissioning

We can provide turn-key commissioning for an owner or construction company, or offer support personnel to supplement a commissioning team. Start up management, Mechanical, Electrical, I&C, DCS, Turnover documentation and procedures available.