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Provided a commissioning Start-up manager, instrumentation team, DCS engineer and Engineering support as well as a complete Woodward actuator retrofit for an existing steam turbine that is now able to achieve +-1 rpm speed control.


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Our Project list is shown below. This is only a list of our major projects.

Lamar Utilities Board

Odessa Energy Phase I and Phase II

Provided complete high voltage electrical testing for a 4 on 2 combined cycle gas turbine facility.

Progress Energy:

Bartow, Richmond County, and Wayne County.

Provided a complete commissioning team for the facility. Projects have been incredibly successful with all GTs coming online on time and the first attempt.

Commissioning Services

Commissioning Services

Progress Energy Roxboro

Provided personnel for Start-up management, owners representative, instrumentation support and electrical testing.

Progress Energy Sutton

Providing a complete commissioning team for the facility. Project has a back feed date of February 1st. Commercial operation expected in early 2014.

Current Projects

Among the most interesting customers in the power generation industry. This customer uses Rocket technology from a NASA background to produce emission free power.

Clean Energy System

We have many small projects on going including, but not limited to the following list:

 Australia Worsley project (mechanical and operations support)

 Alaska CH2M Hill Combined Cycle (mechanical, instrumentation, and electrical support)

 El Segundo Combined Cycle (instrumentation and electrical)

 PSM Support (Controls Engineering and new project construction)

 Gila Bend (Controls Engineering for combined cycle plant overall automation)

 Progress Energy Anclote (Start-up manager)

 Zachry Cape Canaveral Combined Cycle (High Voltage electrical checkout and relay testing)

 Zachry Riviera Beach Combined Cycle (High Voltage electrical checkout and relay testing)

Recently Completed Projects